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     Read it Again!

I rarely re-read a book.  I may go back to a resource and read a section but 
I don’t often pick up a book that I’ve read and enjoyed just to read it again. Yet this summer, I discovered a joy in re-reading a couple of John Grisham novels.  Grisham remains one of my favorite authors as I get involved and absorbed in the twists and turns of the mysteries he creates.

At the Cambridge Library sale this summer, I saw a person with a notebook filled with a list of every book she had ever read.  I also don’t keep a list of completed books, but I purchased a book by accident that I’d read years ago.  In the first chapter, I recognized the characters and the basic plot but I could not remember many of the details, and the next chapter seemed completely unfamiliar. I could not have told you the resolution of the tension or how the 
story ended, so I kept reading.

I then started a second Grisham novel that I had not read before. Now I discovered themes that were similar and the author’s return to São Paulo, Brazil.  The similarities fascinated me.  In my third Grisham novel, I continued to find connections with previous story lines that I had not recognized over my past 25 years of reading.

I then started thinking about our relationship with the Bible.  It is one book that I have read again and again.  Sometimes I find familiar passages and characters and I know how the story is going to end.  Other times, I see new and exciting insights that I have never noticed before.  The more I read, the more I make connections to other books in the Bible.  I then can make 
connections to my life in new ways with deeper understanding.  I find passages that are familiar and repeated in another book. I think God wants us to take note of this.

I encourage you to read your Bible again and discover how the Lord will speak to you in 
new ways.  I hope you will find connections that strengthen your faith and deepen your 
understanding of God’s love and grace for you. 

Faithfully yours, 



Rev. Dr. Bruce A. Jones

   December 2018   
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