October 2016

From the Desk of Rev. Dr. Jones...

                                                                                                                         I Thank God For You

I want to share with you my heart-felt thanks for allowing me to be your pastor for the past seventeen and a half years.  We’ve shared  a wonderful journey together that God has blessed as we served our Lord.  I reflect with amazement how Jesus has guided and blessed our time together.  I’ve grown as a pastor and challenged you to grow in your Christian faith.  It is now time to say goodbye and give thanks to God.                           

                          Thanksgiving and Encouragement     

I am grateful to God—whom I worship with a clear conscience,

as my ancestors did—when I remember you constantly in my

prayers night and day.

                                                                                                   ~ 2 Timothy 1:3

In October, we will study several lectionary readings from Paul’s letter to Timothy.  The Apostle offers thanksgiving andencouragement to Timothy who will take over the ministry in Ephesus.  As Paul continues on his missional journey, he leaves behind leaders to keep the mission and ministry alive and thriving in his absence.  I look forward to exploring these texts to give thanks to God for what we’ve accomplished together and to encourage you to remain faithful in my absence.  While Paul expected to return, he did not.  As of October 31st, I will no longer be pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Janesville.  I will continue to pray for you and the Lord’s ministry at the corner of Jackson and Wall Streets.  Maybe you’ll invite me to share in the 175th anniversary celebration in 2030.

On November 1st, I will begin a new position as the Interim 4-H Youth Development Educator in Jefferson County, Wisconsin.  I believe God is calling me to begin a journey that will provide me with new vocational challenges.  Over the past few years, I‘ve not felt that I’ve been able to adequately balance ministry and family life.  I pray that this new vocational call will provide opportunities for me to serve the Lord in new and different ways.  I believe that our Lord will be faithful through this transition for our family.

I’m sure that you will have many questions over the next few weeks.  I will try to do my best to help prepare you and the congregation for your journey into a new chapter in our 161 year history of serving Christ at the corner of Jackson and Wall.  I will continue to pray for all of you and Christ’s mission and ministry at First Presbyterian Church, Janesville.

Faithfully yours,    


Rev. Dr. Bruce A. Jones