Notes from Session ...

~ The Membership Committee will be providing Easter cards for the congregation to sign. These cards will be sent to our homebound members and those who live outside our community. Cards will be available in the narthex in March.

~ David and Deanna Considine were removed from the church rolls per their request.

~ The Membership Committee is in the process of reviewing the church rolls. Those members who were contacted by mail and have yet to respond to the December 2019 correspondence will be moved to the “Other Participant” roll should we not receive a reply by April 30th.

~ The Mission Committee is coordinating the collection of paper products for the Paper Pantry throughout the month of February. The congregation is asked to place items on the designated table in the narthex.

~ The Mission Committee will be planning the spring ham loaf sale which will be scheduled prior to Easter, April 12th.

~ Applications for the Marjorie Rath Memorial Scholarship are available in the church office. Completed applications are due Wednesday, April 1st.

~ Pastor Meissner will be leading a study of the Apostle Simon Peter on Wednesday evenings during Lent followed by a light supper in the narthex.

~ We will join with the congregation of Rock Prairie United Presbyterian Church for worship on Ash Wednesday and Maundy Thursday

~ Jean Dilley was elected to the Audit Committee.

~ Elders are seeking volunteers to serve on the Nominating Committee. Two members are needed from the congregation at large; one elder and one deacon will also serve on the committee.

  June 2021  
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