Sermons printed are not always the sermon delivered, but I hope that God will use these words to encourage, challenge, and nurture your faith as you continue on your faith journey. I would be delighted to have a conversation with you about your faith and how we at First Presbyterian Church can be part of your journey.

TGBTG = To God Be The Glory

Grace and Peace,


Continuing Christ's Church
Remember Resilience
Grateful, Grace-filled and God’s Guidance
Just Jealous?
Optimal Obedience
The Lord's Labor - September 4, 2016
Lean Forward at the Finish
Run with Endurance
Eliminate the Hurdles
Olympic Spiritual Champions
Generosity with God’s Gifts
Scripture: An Encouraging Word
Fellowship.Never Alone
Pray Without Ceasing
Assumed Authority
Faithful Wisdom
Spiritual Satisfaction
Prayer Power
Sitting or Serving
The Vital Voice
A Distinct Dilemma
Witness to All
Open the Gates
Press On
Point of View
Confession - Begin Again
Seeking to Imitate
Possessing Our Inheritance
Lifting the Veil
Trust: The Roller Coaster Ride
The Book - Read and Fullfilled
Promises and Prayer
Precious in God's Sight
According to God's Plan
Welcoming the King
Working for the Lord
Wondering with Joy
Waiting and Watching
The Journey Beyond Waiting
Journey with Our King
Journey of Dedication
Journey of Perspective
Our Journey with Grief
The Relationship with Our Church
Our Relationship with Others
Our Relationship with the Living Word
Relationship with God
Learning from Our Rome
Learning from our History
Leadership Spirit
Leadership Live
Leadership Service
Leadership Lessons
Step Beyond
Stepping Stones
Step Forward
Just Do It
Walk by Faith
The Importance of Faith
Awesome Threesome
Witness Warrior
Prayer Pavement
Sharing Good News
Confused by God
Living in Love
Christ Appeared - Easter Sunday
The Passion
Shining Service
Transformational Testimony
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