Pastor Lee’s Lines …..

I want to wish each of you a wonderful and happy new year.  Here is a new year’s wish for you that I found as I was going through some papers from some years ago.  I think it is still relevant today.

A very wonderful and happy new year,

And to make it so,

May you laugh often

May your coffee be hot

May your steaks be tender

May your taxes be reduced

May you never burn the toast

May your meetings start on time

May your traffic lights be green

May your planes always fly on time

May your mail never come postage due

May you sleep until the alarm goes off

May your bank balance never be in the red

May your gains be great and your pains be few

May you always have change for the parking meter

May the service in your restaurants be worthy of a tip

May you never have more than one child in college at once

May there be no question asked about your income tax return,

May your trips to the dentist be for cleaning and polishing only

May you be privileged to pay your life insurance premiums another year.

May you like your work, love your family and your God,

May you be loved by everyone,

And may you keep on being the person you are in the New Year!   


Blessings and be well,
Pastor Lee

  June 2021  
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