Thank You For Giving to the Lord!

Thank You For Giving to the Lord!

                        As we travel through Lent, we seek to find ways to live faithfully and serve our Lord through actions to our neighbors.
                                                   May we hear God’s call to action as we give thanks to the church mice who …

~ attended the annual Financial Congregational Meeting. 

~ brought food items for “Souper” Bowl Sunday.

~ delivered food to E.C.H.O.

~ brought paper products for the Pantry Pantry.

~ changed the dossal curtain.

~ served as lectors and ushers.

~ lit candles for worship.

~ served communion.

~ provided snow removal and salted the sidewalks.

~ distributed products from the Paper Pantry.

~ continue to support our church financially.

~ pray for others through the Prayer Chain & individually.

~ give thanks for God’s blessings in our life and in our congregation. .

We give thanks to the Lord who calls us to share our God-given gifts with our faith community and beyond.

  June 2021  
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