One Great Hour of Sharing

One Great Hour of Sharing

The One Great Hour of Sharing Offering began more than sixty years ago in response  to the devastation of World War II.  Americans were asked to give generously through a Saturday evening nationwide broadcast.  A remarkable variety of national leaders and celebrities gave their efforts to the broadcast and more than 75,000 churches responded.

Today, many Christian denominations work together to create the resources that interpret the offering.  Each of the denominations gives some of the gifts it receives for shared ministry through Church World Service.  However, each denomination decides how the gifts its members give will be used.  The Presbyterian Church (USA) gifts are divided into thirds.  Each of three  programs - Self Development of People, Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, and the Presbyterian Hunger Program, receives 32% of the offering; the remaining 4% goes to the Presbyterian Hunger Program for its work with homelessness and affordable housing.  The One Great Hour of Sharing programs depend on continued support from congregations like ours.  On Sunday, March 20th, each of us will have the opportunity to respond to the needs of our fellow human beings.  Please give as you are able.   

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