Office Manager

Jean Dilley

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Elder Jean Dilley serves Christ and supports our congregation as Office Support Staff.  Jean came to Janesville when her father was called here to serve as minister in 1965 and since has played an active role in the church.  She efficiently manages the office and greets our guests with charm.  Jean  is a great asset to our congregation.


Virginia Nitz

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Our organist, Virginia Nitz ,brings her extensive musical talent to our worship.  For over fifty years, Virginia has enhanced our worship of God with joy.  A most talented musician with a love of Christ, she can play anything from classical to jazz, and some times a faint contemporary tune will be heard on Sunday morning.

Director of Music

Patti Goff

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Patti Goff leads both our Sanctuary Choir and our Bell Choir. The choirs enhance our worship throughout the academic year from September to June.  The Bell Choir typically plays one Sunday a month and the Sanctuary Choir sings during worship the other weeks.  During the summer while the choirs are on sabbatical, we invite musicians and vocalists from the congregation and community to enrich our worship of God. 


Janice Arnold

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Janice Arnold is responsible for the care and upkeep of the church building.  Her tasks are limitless!